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Asalamualaikum and good evening everyone . so , for the first time i will write an entry in english . yes , fully english . 
i was tag by one of the beautiful blogger which is May Jie I would like to apologize for grammatical errors . Thank you so much for nominating zafirah nazri in this Sunshine Blogger Award . 

So , lets start now .

Q & A sessions

01. What's a nickname that some family/friends call you but you hate it so much?

I dont think that i have nickname that i hate because non of my friends/family call me with a weird nicknames . oh ya , i almost forgot . when im in primary school my classmates use to call me "zirafah" due to my name zafirah . heh .

02. What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you are alone?

hmm , i dont think that i have specific song that secretly i love . for me maybe anything that is sad song i will listen when im alone . although I am not sad at that time .

 03. Which way do you face in the shower? 

sorry , im not clear with this question . 

04. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
i usually said "sakai" "pungkoq" hahaha . pardon my words maybe ?
05. What did you used to wear that you thought was cool, but now you realize it isn't? lol
i dont think i had wear something cool before and the fact its not . for me , everything i wore is cool . it makes me beautiful . k bye 
06. What's one of your nervous habits?
alhamdulillah , i dont have any nervous habits . i usually keep calm in any situation . i dont know why . i still remember in secondary school i was attacked by my senior because of my behaviour . hahaha . in a dining hall every one is looking at me . i managed to keep calm and eat my lunch peacefully . 
07. Have you ever had a near death experience?
yes , i had an accident in form 3 . Luckily , the car managed to hit an emergency brake. 
08. Your biggest pet peeves?

hamster maybe .
09. 3 top favorite blog? Why?

first , zharif azis 
i started to admire about his writting since form 3 . i love to see his post , his life , and also a few post about his experience studying abroad .

second , bling bling 

this is my friends's blog . i love this blog because she wrote about our memory in matriculations. 

third , hani fadhlina

i love this blog because its contain a lot of contest and giveaway . HAHAAHA 

10. Your most favorite fonts.

my favourite fonts is arial . 
11. What 3 things you always look for in a blog? 

seriously i would love to see a post about segment or a giveaway , because sometimes i  fell so bored and dont have any idea to write a post . 

a beauty tips maybe ? yah! it can improves my knowledge about beauty . everyone wants to be pretty . hehe

lastly , i would like to looking in a blog a review about food or place .

so , thats all my Q & A sessions that had given to me.

now , its come to my turn to nominating another blogger . So I would like to nominate these my 11 awesome blogger friends for Sunshine Blogger Awards 

ana suhana 

shaidatul aireen


Mia liana 

sayidah napisah

shiela inspire 

hani fadhlina

unni anje 

Shuhaida Kabdy

Tiara Sapphire

miss mulan 

and the 11 questions is

1. what you dont like about people attitude that make you annoyed ?

2. what your favourite food ?

3. what the most wanted place did you want to go ? why ?

4. how to become pretty or handsome ? HAHA

5. what your status ?

6. skinny or fat ?

7. what your favourite subject in primary school ?

8. what your favourite cartoon in your childhood ?

9. what your favourite gadgets ?

10. what 5 things that must have in your wallet ?

11. your dreams ? 

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8 budak baik

  1. I love sad songs either. Zaf, rileksla kita org utagha, hahaha, pungkoq & sakai tu memang terbiasa dengaq kat sini. Hahahaha. Org luaq mungkin rasa pelik kot, pi kat depa.HAHAHAHA.

    Syoknyaa jenis rileks rileks macam Zaf, hahaha.

    Thank you kenalkan dengan blog baru, boleh mai blogwalking.

    Dan bestnya soalan tu!!!!

    -zaf, dah settle ke problem SEO?

    1. belum haa , tak tau nak buat mcm mna . ada tuto lain tak ?

  2. i managed to keep calm and eat my lunch peacefully. Sempat lagi makan ye, patut balas balik tu... hihi

    1. malas cari pasal . hahaha . yer lah baru masukkan sekolah baru . jd malas ah


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